About me


A Balance of Thyme

I started my love of movement as a dancer from 3 years old, which turned into my profession and trade until I injured my lower back in my 20’s. A combination of Energy Healing, Yoga, Pilates and Calisthenics became essential for my recovery and has been a consistent part of my life for over 15 years.

After many years of working in Operations Management in corporate environments and running a couple of independent businesses, I decided it was time to give my life a little more meaning.

I was exposed to the holistic healing world from birth and as a child I was always fascinated by what the human eye couldn’t see. When I was old enough to start to understand the potential power healing has for good, to be able to help people and seeing it work its magic, I learnt Reiki at 15 years old and practised on anyone whom I was drawn to help, including the family pets.

Thanks to my travels and places I have lived, I have been fortunate enough to meet, work with, be treated by and learn from wise and beautiful healing mentors from the land of karma and spirituality of how to channel these gifts. I discovered Sound Healing whilst living in Dubai and immediately connected with it. The practice aided the healing of both physical and emotional ailments and after seeing and feeling the results firsthand, I was hooked on this ancient and sacred healing modality.

Throughout the years I found the space, energy and love to develop my healing abilities as an intuitive energy healer and after pursuing happiness and oneness I understand that now is the time to share my knowledge, experience and gifts I received to guide people to find their true self and inner peace.

I have been teaching from my own internationally certified Sound Healing Academy with Tibetan Singing Bowls for a number of years and in 2017 I qualified as a Yoga Alliance Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I have been fortunate enough to teach Sound Healing, Meditation and Vinyasa Yoga in some beautiful parts of the world including the UAE, India, USA, Ireland and the UK.

In my short and wonderful time on this earth, I have been through many ups and downs. Life, at times, has been physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging in both extreme and not so extreme ways and sometimes all at once. As a result, I have learnt firsthand how precious our bodies, minds and time really are. I’m eternally grateful and respect these moments for bringing me to where I am today and inviting in all the things I love about life and all that makes me who I am today through Travel, Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Evolving creating,

Thyme With Charlie.