Allow yourself to flow through the sensations of connecting the breath to the body, to deepen your yoga practice and soar
with your spirit creating inner and outer harmony through asanas, pranayamas and meditation.

Submerge your mind, body and soul in the healing frequencies of the Tibetan Singing Bowls to relax, release and heal.

Every kind of body can benefit from delving deeper and taking a journey into oneself through movement, sound and healing.

Whether you’re starting out with your yoga, sound healing and meditation practice, or if you are looking to try something
new, these classes and sessions are for you all.

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Group Sound
Healing Meditations

Weekly Group Sound Baths

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From £10

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Private Sound &
Energy Healing

Private 1:1 or Private Group Sessions

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From £120

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Group Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Yoga Group Sessions

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From £10

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