Sound Healing Practitioner Training: Level 2

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About the Courses

Delve deeper into the world of Sound Healing in this comprehensive training specialising in using the Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls. Not only will you have instructional videos during the course but you will receive exclusive, eight (five in level 1; three in level 2) private one to one video lessons with experienced Sound and Energy Intuitive, Charlie Christie. The course is self-paced so you can fit it into your existing schedule. It will provide you with a fully certified international qualification to begin or advance your healing practice facilitating private sessions. Once complete, you can progress to level 2 where you will advance your practice further to work with groups.

There are six modules in each level. Both courses are self-paced for you to complete in your own time around your life. The more time you can dedicate to the training, the sooner you’ll be qualified – it’s also totally manageable to take aim to complete a module a week and you’ll be ready in three months (both levels) to share your sound healing language with the world and beyond.

You’ll be prompted along the way for when to book your one-to-one sessions with Charlie. Each one-to-one is an hour long and is an incredible time to have together to personally tailor the course to your level of experience.

The training is limited to a maximum of 10 people once every three months so we can share quality time during each of the eight one-to-one sessions we have together over level 1 and 2.

Book a free call with Charlie to find out more about the courses.

Level 1 Course Outline

Complete this training to facilitate sound healing sessions with one to one clients.

My mission is to guide you to develop your own innate healing skills so that you can confidently deliver one to one sound healing sessions with your clients. By the end of this course, you will be a qualified sound healing practitioner and will know how to practice the whole process of sound massage and sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls for use in one to one sessions. From client contact to maintaining your client base and business aspects of earning income from a passion and much more. We also work on understanding your own inherent wisdom and personal vibration to guide you to connect to your psychic abilities and intuition. This, in turn, will open up the possibilities of connecting with your divine guidance and opening your healing channels to support you to healing yourself and others online and offline.

Module 1
We explore the wonderful history of sound healing and how it has survived thousands of years of science and energy studies. We look at how sound is measurable and how the human body can benefit from the sacred and ever-growing popular sound healing method. This module will give you a good foundation of knowledge in both sound and healing that will continue to evolve as we move on through the course.

Module 2
All medicine is essentially energy medicine for energy composes the world. Energy composes you. Is there a world beyond the subtle body and the chakra healing system? We will explore and cover how we work with the chakras and auric energies and how they are transmuted in a sound healing practice.

Module 3
Each one of us has psychic abilities to one degree or another, but because they are usually so subtle, we often don’t realise that’s what we’re using. Every day at least one of our psychic abilities is helping us in some way. This module takes you on an exploration of how to awaken and develop your psychic abilities.

Module 4
It can be daunting starting your own healing business and where do you begin? How do you get and maintain clients? I’ll guide you to discover what type of business you want to create with ‘how to’s’ of starting and developing your holistic practice with life long business tools to use for you and your clients both on and offline. You will discover multiple ways of how you can make an income from running your own healing practice. Your clients are waiting for you.

Module 5
You have received all the information on how to run one to one sessions, now you are ready to host your first client session. With a series of videos to show you how to set up and conduct your first one to one session, by the end of this module, you will know how to confidently place the bowls on and around the body to take your clients to deeper levels of healing and restorative integration of healing energy and overall wellbeing.

Module 6
By module 6, you will have already started to develop your own unique sound language, bonding with your instruments and ready to start sharing your skills with the world and beyond. This module will show you how to maintain a healthy balance of looking after yourself so you are full to give to others effectively. An exciting part of the process to be qualified to share your gifts in one to one sessions.

LEVEL 2 Course Outline

Complete this training to facilitate group sessions with your clients.

This advanced learning will take you further on your sound healing journey. Completing this level 2 training will complete the circle of learning started in level 1. Upon completion, you’ll be able to practice professionally with group healing sessions. The process of healing is the journey of bringing the body, mind and spirit back into harmony. You will be equipped with powerful hypnotherapy and meditation techniques to effectively guide people to their place of healing and integration through guided meditation and your unique sound language for those seeking to improve their health, wellbeing and personal vibration. If you’d like to add level 2 to your learning journey, book a free call with Charlie to find out how.

Module 1
Meditation is magic and is a key to unlocking your expansion of healing skills. A broad topic made simple by getting to the root of the meaning of meditation, its benefits and how it affects the brain phases when combining meditation with sound healing.

Module 2
How does the mind work? Where is the mind? The power of the subconscious mind is shown to us during trance like states and is where we experience other realms of information. This module will show you how to effectively take your clients into a trance like state to access their subconscious minds.

Module 3
I will introduce you to some basic hypnosis techniques to effectively guide your clients into the subconscious minds and into a trance like states to deepen their sound healing experience. These techniques can be applied to your private and group sessions.

Module 4
We take a look at the complex relationship between our minds and bodies. How our brains and our physical and ethereal body systems are constantly communicating with each other and how that impacts our mental, physical and spiritual states.

Module 5
Now you can put all the theory into practice and create your guided meditations and sound healing sessions to tailor to running your first group session. I give you example scripts of what you can say to guide your sessions and how to confidently create your own meditations to suit your unique sound healing language and skills.

Module 6
The end of the courses is the beginning of your Sound Healing Practitioner journey. We go into the depths of working with studios and clients from initial contact to nurturing and maintaining working relationships and how group sessions can lead to more private sessions.

Course Bonuses

Not only will you receive a singing bowl and a mallet to get you started, but you will also be eligible to receive an exclusive teachers discount when you buy additional bowls from Thyme With Charlie.

You have the option to have your very own profile on my worldwide practitioner directory page on my website.

You will have access to my closed Facebook group of like-minded practitioners where you can network and get exclusive tips and advice. I also run a 2-hour monthly practitioner only sound healing session where I give you all a group healing, a time for you to balance the giving with receiving and to meet fellow Thyme With Charlie practitioners.

All courses are certified by the IPHM.