Group Sound Healing Meditation


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Group Sound Healing Meditation

There are so many things competing for our attention that taking the time to stop and dedicating time for you may be the last thing on your mind. An hour or so of your precious time with experienced sound and energy intuitive Charlie Christie, you can harness the power of tuning into you, the person, the soul, the BEing to improve your meditation practice and your overall well being.

You will be guided on a sound journey by the beautiful harmonic frequencies of the Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls. The transformative sound wave frequencies and vibrations will balance any out of harmony parts of your mind and body and will leave you feeling revived, renewed and re-energised.

No matter where you are in your personal practice as a beginner or more experienced or if you are simply looking for peace of mind, mental clarity, relaxation or searching to deepen your level of spiritual awakening, these classes are for everyone where you will allow yourself to let go, relax, integrate and heal.

Classes take place weekly in locations around Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and London. Each location has different requirements of what to bring, please read them carefully to prepare you for each session. All sessions are booking only, walk-ins will not be permitted to join the session.

“We learn to love ourselves so we can love others. We learn to better ourselves so we can shine like an example for others. When we are full and abundant, it gives us the energy to pour into others and to support and guide others on their own journey.” ~ Unknown

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