Sound Healing for Animals

Sound Healing for Animals

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Who else can relate to this puppy dog’s post bowls feels?

I often get asked if you can use sound healing on animals?


Of course, it’s a slightly different approach to working with humans, but they are vibrating energy just like you and I and all living organisms. They also have energy centres/chakras that need healing attention just like us too.

They hear sounds completely differently from humans, of course, but I’ve never had an animal who’s had an adverse reaction to the sounds because they all feel the vibrations the same as we do.

Most animals are naturally territorial and/or have a protective instinct over their humans. Some animals even have a routine that if it’s disturbed can get them all kinds of excited.

All the above considered, my approach to working with animals goes something like this…

First of all, I love animals. I have huge respect for all kinds of species and the ecological role they play on the planet (even the scary ones!).

I aim to gain some respect in return by saying a simple hello and spending some “petting” time with them. I let them smell me, my bags, clothes, and bowls whilst I pat them and find out more about the animal from the owner. Bonding all around.

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Once the bowls and mallets are laid out and they can see and smell them properly, I always let an animal smell and investigate the bowls before I play them. The metal from the bowls and rubber or wood from the mallets have a strong odour to their heightened sense of smell and little (or big) noses that they tend to communicate with most.

Animals are natural hunter gatherers aka always looking for food. It’s also then good to show them there’s no food in the bowl and that the mallets aren’t chew toys! So I give them more time for sniffing  around before continuing with the session working on them or their owner.

Whether I’m doing a session on an animal only or their human owner where their animals are in the room during a session, I always strike the first bowl very gently so as not to alarm the animal and so that they know what’s going to happen in the session.

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Animals can react similarly to children. Their attention span is short (approx 2-10 minutes) plus they are super present and honest. When they’ve received enough, their way of communicating this to you is that they move and or they get up and leave you all together.

Depending on the animal, their chakras sit slightly differently to humans because they’re mostly on four legs and their internal organs can sit differently as a result.

If you want to place bowls on them for some sound massage love, be careful where and how you do so, as the bowls may be too heavy or sensitive depending on the size of the bowl and the animal.

Sometimes they’re ready to receive and other times it can take a little while for them to settle, but once they do they feel the benefits for days and reports from my clients say they have very chilled and cuddly animals afterwards.

It’s a win. Win. Win.

Click here for a super cute video reaction from a pooch pal of one of my clients.

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