If you like sound healing therapy, you’re going to love my sound massage workshop.

Sound massage aided in the healing of my lower back injury, IBS and asthma. I haven’t had an issue with any of the above since I discovered sound massage.

I place the bowls on myself regularly to help with things such as muscle tension, PMS, headaches and any time I feel I need, to help me focus and feel my optimum best in each moment and beyond.

With the Thyme With Charlie® method, through the practice of sound massage (taken from my Principles of Sound & Energy Healing courses) you will have the chance to enhance your self-awareness, intuition and ability to connect to your inner source of healing and wisdom.

We will be working in partners so grab a pal or come solo and meet like-minded people in the community to give and receive your sound love language with and I guarantee you’ll walk out of the room different person to the one you walked in as.


  • A profound therapy, it will support your well-being and personal growth.
  • You will experience deeper levels of stress relief and relaxation.
  • You will feel an enhanced energy flow and balance.
  • You will develop a deeper connection to your body, inner self and higher power.


Guided by experienced sound and energy intuitive, Charlie Christie, you will;

  • Learn self-healing techniques.
  • SOUND: Understand bowl placement on energetic centres and meridians of the body.
  • HEALING: Be able to intuitively diagnose the sound and read the energy for healing purposes.
  • ASCENSION: Have a life-long healing skill.


  • Guided meditation to connect to your source energy.
  • How you can integrate sound massage in with your current offering and existing practice.

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