1st Chakra – Root Chakra

First Chakra – Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Tibetan Note ~ F

Physical and Basic Human Survival

This is the first energy centre, Muladhara in Sanskrit (meaning root place, support), and is where Kundalini energy resides before it is released up through the other chakras. Red is the colour of life force, which makes the root chakra the most powerful and impactful of all. It is linked to the adrenal glands, which control the instinctual “fight or flight” response.

It is the seat of physical vitality and our fundamental urge to survive. It regulates the mechanisms that keep the physical body alive. The root chakra commands attention, it signals danger to us, and we act immediately. It is also a reflection of the control centre for the entire physical body structure (red also represents blood). The energy of red is masculine, it is dynamic, outgoing, can be somewhat forceful and is dominant. It also represents passion, fire and danger.

On an emotional level, the root chakra colour is the energy of anger. On a physical level, the root chakra is associated with the adrenal glands – they secrete a variety of hormones including those that regulate the body’s metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and ones that control the balance of salt in our body fluids. These glands also produce adrenalin, the hormone essential for our primitive “fight or flight” response, from which we can determine the link between this gland and the root chakra’s association with the issue of physical survival.

The root chakra is the one whose main aspect is innocence.   It is our grounding force, that which ties us to the present and affirms our connection to the planet. You will have trust in your own guidance and choices as well as trust in relationships with others. When your foundation in your root chakra is strong, you will have more energy and will to live, and you will care for your body knowing it is your vehicle for creating your life experience.

When the root chakra is too open/overactive/congested (chakra spins too fast):

Bullying; overly materialistic; self-centred; engaged in physical foolhardiness; recklessness; addiction; hostile and violent; aggressive; impulsive; an unhealthy dependence on others; overly possessive; fearful parent.

When the root chakra is blocked/weak/depleted (chakra spins slowly or not at all):

Emotionally needy; low self-esteem; self-destructive behaviour; fearful; overweight; bowel issues; haemorrhoids; sciatica; lower back pain; leg, knee or feet problems; bone disorders; irrational fear; inability to focus; lack of confidence; always needing permission; mistrust; feeling ungrounded; flighty; victim.

When the root chakra is balanced/healthy (chakra maintains equilibrium and spins at correct vibrational speed):

Demonstrates self-mastery; high physical energy; grounded; healthy; a sense of belonging; safety; trust; connection to the earth; feels safe, assured and secure.

Goal: Physical health and fitness; grounding; stability; security.


* I feel deeply rooted * I am connected to my body * I feel safe and secure * Just like a tree or a star, I have a right to be here * I stand for my values, for truth, and for justice * I have what I need * I am grounded, stable, and standing on my own two feet * I nurture my body with healthy food, clean water, exercise, relaxation, and connection with nature * I am open to possibilities * I am grateful for all the challenges that helped me to grow and transform * I trust in the goodness of life * I make choices that are healthy and good for me * I trust myself * I love life *

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