Answers to Picture 2

Answers to Picture 2:

The woman in this picture is Eugene Falleni, 25 July 1875 – 10 June 1938, also known as Harry Leo Crawford and Jean Ford, who was an Italian-born transgender man convicted of the 1917 murder in Australia of their wife. This photo was actually a police mug shot.

Falleni’s story:

Falleni was born in Italy around 1875 and moved to New Zealand with their family as a child. They later sought out work that allowed them to dress and live as a man, in construction and on boats. Whilst working on a boat, it was discovered Falleni was a woman by birth, who then became pregnant. They disembarked in New South Wales, Australia, with their baby girl Josephine, who was later placed in the care of a woman in Sydney.

Falleni then reinvented themself as Harry Leo Crawford and worked a variety of manual jobs. They met a widow and young mother named Annie Birkett in 1912 and married her in 1913. Witnesses at Falleni’s later trial, including Falleni themself, claimed Birkett was not aware that Falleni was transgender until 1917, when a neighbour told her.

Apparently, family life was not harmonious, as Falleni and their spouse frequently quarrelled (according to their neighbours), perhaps due to the fact that Falleni’s daughter, Josephine, had re-appeared or possibly due to Birkett discovering her spouse’s secret.

In 1917 the couple went on a picnic from which Birkett never returned. Falleni claimed that she had left him. They later married another woman. However, a few years later, a battered and burnt body was identified as Birkett and the police came looking for Falleni. The prosecution claimed that Falleni killed her because she was going to expose Falleni’s true gender.

Although Falleni claimed innocence, they were convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. The sentence was later commuted, and they served around 11 years. After their release, they were hit by a car in Sydney in 1938 and died from their injuries.


You may have picked up on sadness and suffering from this person and possibly a sense of being lost. This could be due to the fact that Falleni was transgender in a society and time that was not accepting of this.


Did you pick up on feminine energy? Or that Falleni was hiding something?


You may have picked up on this and their arrest and prison sentence too.