EXERCISE: Energy Ball

EXERCISE: Energy Ball

Find a comfortable seated position for you to practice this exercise.

  1. Place your hands in prayer position at your heart centre and visualise healing energy entering your crown chakra
  2. Feel the energy radiate through your whole being
  3. Rub your hands together until your palms feel warm then relax your wrists and shake your hands
  4. Put your hands together again and then gradually begin to draw them apart. As you do so, be aware of the energy emanating from your palms
  5. As you feel the energy, explore it. Push your hands in and out against each other so that you feel as though you are playing with an invisible soft ball
  6. Play like this until you can comfortably feel the healing energy pulling, pushing and pulsating in your hands
  7. When you are finished, cup your hands together and blow healing energy into them
  8. Place this energy in your heart centre and imagine the healing expanding and filling your entire body. You might like to visualise it as gold or white light.   Try to be aware of the sensations that you can feel around your body
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