EXERCISE: Psychic Practice – Name Reading

Exercise: Psychic Practice – Name Reading

NOTE: To make psychic exercises more effective, I suggest always starting with meditation, grounding, activating your third eye and solar plexus, asking for healing guidance and support from the universal forces. The meditation I have given you in this module Tuning into Your Psychic Abilities will provide you with all of these things, until you find the ways that best work for you.

Either in person or online, ask someone you don’t know all that well i.e. a client, an acquaintance, friend of a friend etc. to give you the first name of someone you don’t know at all. Once you have someone who is willing to help you practise, start the following exercise.

Begin the exercise:

  1. Ask for the first name of someone they know and you don’t. If the name that is given to you is the same name of someone you know in your life, e.g. they say David and your uncle’s name is David, this might influence you to think of the person you know and not the person you’re asking about in this exercise. In this case, see the next point.
  2. Ask for the first initial of the surname, not the full surname. The reason for this is if their surname is foreign e.g. Gonzalez, this may automatically lead you to assume their family origin is Spanish/Mexican. Or, if it is a surname shared by someone you know, you may think about that other person instead.
  3. Write the first name and initial of the surname down on a piece of paper.
  4. Ask the universe to give you clear and accurate information about the person.
  5. Be respectful of boundaries. Ask for information that will help you on the right track.
  6. Focus on the name. Say it over and over out loud or silently. You’re trying to take on the vibration of this person.
  7. When a thought or picture or sensation comes, write it down and come back to the name.

During the exercise:

  1. Notice if your emotions change during the exercise. Write them down.
  2. Notice physical pains during the exercise. Write them down.
  3. Write everything down even if you think it seems irrelevant.
  4. Don’t sit in silence. Ask (the universe or whomever you work with) questions.
  5. If you start “thinking” about the information you’re getting, your intellect is blocking you. Try to refocus.
  6. Don’t worry about being “wrong”.
  7. Keep it simple and focus on the name.
  8. If you start to doubt yourself, remind yourself you’re developing one of your gifts.

To finish the exercise:

  1. When information stops, run the words, feelings and information past your intuition for validation.
  2. Ask your intuition if it’s relevant. If it’s a NO, forget it and move on to the next piece of information.
  3. If there’s more to a word, come back to it and ask more questions.

If the information isn’t accurate when feeding back to your volunteer, don’t worry. You’re only practising and starting to open up the psychic senses. Be patient and stay with it.

Ask the universe to clear you psychically when you’ve finished.