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Frequency & Vibration:


Cymatics is the effect of sound on matter. It is the study of visible sound vibration and shows the transformational nature of sound and matter. Sound guides us and shapes us, yet is an intangible force. We can capture sound in the digital realm where we can see waveforms. But that only gives us a 2D view. The world of cymatics, however, gives us a different view and provides a major evolution in our understanding of how sound affects all of us. Cymatics gives validity to the fact that everything that we perceive as hard objects, including our bodies, are actually continuously vibrating at their own rates. Scientific studies clearly demonstrate merging of the fields of sound, geometry, light and mathematics into one, through the presentation of stunning images created by frequencies of all kinds found in our bodies, in nature and beyond. For beautiful examples of intention with water, see examples of Dr Masaru Emoto below.

Sound & Frequency

Sound is vibration. Music and sound influence us and impact our energy systems. Sound, either as music, metal notes or chanting, can be used for chakra balancing. Repetition, as the Healing Systems table shows, supports bringing the body-mind-soul complex into a meditative state, where healing occurs and creates a continuous vibrational environment. Each chakra, body part or system vibrates at a different frequency. Chakras vibrate from the lowest, deepest, slowest frequency at the root, to the highest and fastest at the crown. Each chakra vibrates at its own frequency and sound, just like they have their own colours. Visualisation with the associated chakra colour while using sound can deepen and amplify the healing experience.


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