Guided Relaxation

Guided Relaxation

Once your client is laying down in a comfortable position for their body and mind to fully relax, begin the session by guiding them into a deep state of relaxation by one or a combination of the below points. Each client will need something different. Find your words and the language that works for you:

  • Invite them to take some deep cleansing breaths to help the mind and body relax
  • Body scan – start from the feet up or from the head down. Say out loud the part of the body for them to focus on relaxing
  • Chakra scan – Same as the body scan but with their chakras
  • Grounding – visualise roots or energy ropes growing from them to the Mother Earth to root them to the space
  • Repeat affirmations (determined from the client interview) – affirmations are incredibly powerful and a great time to plant them in the subconscious mind is at the entry point to a trance through relaxation (more on this in Level 2)
  • Setting an intention for the practice – Invite them to set an intention before you start

At the end of the session, start with a soft voice so as not to startle them and slowly guide them back into full consciousness.

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