Meditation – Tuning into your psychic abilities

I always strongly recommend starting any energy practice with a short meditation to detach yourself from yourself, and to connect to your divine source to be ready to receive information more effectively.

Find a comfortable seated position where your spine is straight, to allow your body room to breathe effortlessly. Gently close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided in this meditation I have made for you, to tune in and activate your psychic abilities.

Once you have completed the energy sensing and psychic practise exercises, sit in meditation once again and finish the exercises the way you started, but in reverse, as follows:

Zip up/close your third eye and solar plexus, always give thanks to your divine sources for their guidance and support. Make sure you are clear energetically. Something I like to say at the very end is:

Please clear my body

Clear my body

Please clear my mind

Clear my mind

Please clear my soul

Clear my soul

Please clear me psychically

Clear me psychically

Thank you

Find what works best for you.

Have some fun with the exercises in this module. They may seem very simple, but you will soon notice a difference in the sensations that you feel, and this will help you to become more aware of the healing energy.

If, when doing these exercises, you don’t easily sense the energies or receive psychic information, don’t worry. It’s important to have a go. The more you have fun and relax with them and the more often you practice, the more you will be able to pick up on. Try to do the exercises when there aren’t a lot of stimuli around you to distract you.