Other Types of Frequencies, Tools and Instruments

Other Types of Frequency, Tools and Instruments

The Tibetan singing bowls have always resonated with me for their meditative purposes, their metal content from Mother Earth and what they each stand for. Tibetan singing bowls are a versatile instrument in terms of transportation and their practical use in sessions, particularly for sound massage when playing the bowls on the body.

I believe the principals of sound healing apply to all instruments. It is, therefore, your choice to use what you resonate with, even if you end up with an orchestra of different instruments.

I have included below examples of other instruments available to you; there are many, many more. I have provided links to companies that I have either seen or used myself, or have been recommended by someone I trust I wouldn’t recommend a company that I don’t have experience with so, if there isn’t a link, I haven’t found a company I am happy to recommend yet.

Gongs ~ www.meinlsonicenergy.com

DNA tuning forks ~ www.eileenmckusick.com

Crystal bowls/Crystal alchemy bowls ~ www.crystalsingingbowls.com

Crystal/Crystal alchemy bowls UK ~ www.crystal-singing-bowls.co.uk

Crystal/Crystal alchemy bowls Seattle, WA USA ~ www.seattlesoundtemple.com

Wind chimes ~ www.koshi.fr

Trigon ~ www.kult-ur-sprung.de

Handpan/Hang/Hang drum/Pantam ~

Shruti box

Tongue drums

Shamanic drums/African drums



Vocal toning/chanting


N.B. I am not affiliated with these companies in any way. They are purely personal recommendations based on quality and authenticity.