Position of the Bowls in a one-to-one Healing Session

Position of the Bowls in a one-to-one Healing Session

As per the Tibetan system, in a one-to-one sound therapy session, we usually use seven bowls, one for each of the 7 chakras. The 7-bowl healing method is oriented towards attaining your spiritual goals, it is chakra and aura cleansing and allows a higher level of concentration of the energy and sound vibrations.

You will see that after having experienced this technique yourself, your clients are likely to be flooded with overwhelming mental, emotional and spiritual bliss. This is a life-long practice that will continue to finetune your experience to gain a better understanding of people, their psychology, energy and aura.

Place the bowls as follows (picture is from a birds-eye perspective, looking down i.e. E/Third Eye bowl is on the client’s left side):NB:

  • E is the only bowl not to put too close to the body – approximately 6 inches from the third eye.
  • When setting up the bowls, place them to the edge of the mat to allow room for your client to lie down first. You can adjust the bowls around them once they are lying down.
  • Only place the F/Root bowl between the client’s lower legs once they are in position.