Practical Assessment

Practical Assessment

Now it’s your turn! You will be delivering your first Sound Healing Therapy session with a guest of your choice.

For your first session, don’t worry about the time too much. I’d rather you be completely involved in the energy of the session and not clock watching or being distracted.

It’s time to put together all of the ingredients to create our client session. From all that I’ve given you in this module, the session flow will look like this:

  1. Welcome your client (you can conduct an interview and practice with the client forms if you don’t know your guest very well).
  2. Session preparation – let them know what may or may not happen during the session.
  3. Guided Relaxation – Give them a guided relaxation/meditation once they’re lying down with their eyes closed.
  4. Sound Therapy Session – Chakra Healing sequence (seven steps).
  5. Finishing the session – debrief, give them water, give feedback or maybe give them a mini sound massage session once they’re awake.

Take your time to complete this, there is a lot to digest in this module, but I know it will be a great session. Enjoy it!

I ask you to record and submit your video sessions for me to provide guidance if needed. Please send your recording to my email address via WeTransfer, DropBox, YouTube, GDrive, or any other free online file transfer program that you prefer.