Prepare Your Environment

Prepare Your Environment

The following video shows you how to prepare the environment to welcome your clients to your healing space.

Depending on the way you wish to practice and what’s available to you, you will be using a healing space at home, a hired therapy room, or you will be conducting the sessions from the client’s home. This topic is for when you have your own space to welcome your clients to.

During the session, the ideal result is for the clients to think you have disappeared during the healing. Therefore, preparation can and does make a huge difference.

Prior to the session

  1. Make sure the location is soft and comfortable for your client to relax and that it is accessible for you and the bowls.
  2. Clean and ground yourself to channel the energy and clear your environment.
  3. Prepare your equipment. Have anything and everything you might need to hand to save you rushing around to find it when your client arrives.
  4. Ideally, your mat should be set to receive your client with the bowls, blankets, tissues, towels etc within easy reach before you start the session. Even if you don’t use them in the session, have them ready.
  5. Make sure your room is domestically clean and purified/cleansed. Ensure there is a clear path and easy access to the healing space for the client.
  6. To purify the room energetically you can use camphor, sage, Tingshas, bowls, crystals, prayers etc.
  7. Have a moderate temperature in the room, neither too hot nor too cold, and always keep a blanket within easy reach for the client in case they require it.
  8. Try to avoid as many background noises and distractions as possible to help the client go deep into a trance (i.e. mobile phones; a loud watch; loose clothes; the doorbell; dog barking; a baby crying etc.)
  9. You can meditate and request healing light to bathe the space and ask help to come into your healing space for protection and healing.
  10. Set your intentions for the session.