Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself

With each session, depending on what’s needed, a good amount of physical and spiritual energy is used from the healer. The process starts from when you prepare for your client before they arrive. Since the therapy requires a very close bond with the client, it is important to respect both your own and the client’s energy throughout by preparing effectively. By cleaning physically, energetically and spiritually, clearing negative energy and cleansing the aura, a healer is at their best when their being radiates such levels of positive vibrations and energy to give clarity of vision and decisiveness during each session.

As a human being and also soon-to-be-certified Sound Healing Practitioner, you must remember the preliminary preparations you need to do based on your own surroundings and your mental, emotional and spiritual state by using the tools and techniques in attaining, multiplying and transmitting the healing energy to your client in its full effect.

It is important for you as a therapist to maintain your neutral energy with a refreshed mind and a healthy body.

Preparing yourself means to transmit, channel and be as open as possible to receive. It can be done a few ways; you may already have techniques you use. A good example is by meditating before your client arrives, during which you could request yourself to be cleansed, as well as your healing space.

You can meditate and request healing light to shower over you. You can invoke your guides as well as the clients’ guides to support and protect both of you and bring the required healing to your attention. I strongly suggest you also pray or set your intentions before starting.

Examples of request, prayers and invocations (say them out loud or to yourself):

  • “I request the universe to keep me karmically free while sourcing healing for this person.”
  • “I call upon my guides, the client’s guides and the angels, to please help me and assist me during this healing. I ask to be protected from the client and I ask the client to be protected from me or any mistake I could make.”
  • “I connect to all that is. Thank you for making me your instrument of healing to channel love, light and healing for [NAME].
  • “I request and call upon archangels, angels, guides, spiritual helpers and spiritual beings to come down and assist the healing. That [NAME] receives all that they need to liberate and heal. Thank you for protecting me and for protecting [NAME] through the session. In full faith. So it is.”

To close the session energetically, ensure you cleanse and ground yourself after each one-to-one and group session by using similar techniques as you used prior to the session. Give unconditional thanks and love to whomever you work with, be they guides, angels, ascended masters, God, the divine, the universal forces etc, for their unconditional love and support throughout the session.

The healing frequencies and vibrations will still be downloading and integrating for yourself and your client post healing session. Ensure you close each session so you or your client ground and come back to the physical body before returning to day-to-day life.

Make sure there are no strong body odours emanating from you. Don’t wear perfumes that may irritate the client, as you don’t know how they may react and also with what or whom they may associate the scent.