Session Brief for the Client

Session Brief for the Client

Once you have welcomed and interviewed the client and they are either just about to lie down for the session, or are already lying down ready to receive, give your client a short brief of what may happen during the session. Try not to overload their brain and give them too much to think about right before they lie down though.

Here are some suggestions for what you might like to say to your clients for what to “expect”, without “expecting” anything. Each client will need something different; please intuitively pay attention to that. I encourage you to find your words, the language that works and flows authentically for you:

  • Relax as much as possible.
  • Provide a space for them to fully relax and let go by giving them permission to fall asleep, cough, sneeze, move and any other bodily functions that may need to release. Let them know it’s all quite normal and is the body’s way of adjusting with the sound healing.
  • Inform them that other sounds will be happening during the session that are out of their control. Ask them to integrate these sounds into the relaxation.
  • They can listen to their heartbeat or breath if they become distracted.
  • They will like and dislike certain sounds. Emotions might come up with the sounds. If they do, ask the client to accept them, work through it and you can discuss anything after the session.
  • They may experience physical pain. Ask them to work through it and it’ll be gone by the time they wake up.

Let them know your session process., i.e. “I will give you a guided meditation, then you’ll hear the bowls, and the next time you hear my voice will be the end.” This tells them in short that there is a beginning, middle and end which is especially helpful for first-time clients.