Sound Healing as a Professional Practice

Sound Healing as a Professional Practice

If you’ve been pondering on whether or not to start your own healing business or business in general, as daunting as it may seem with no real clear way to begin…I say, just start. There is no perfect time to start so you might as well go for it. You don’t need a huge following on social media or hundreds of subscribers on an email list, professional photos or a load of money in the bank. All of that comes with time, patience, perseverance, faith and pure loving intention. Get clear on what you want, and start.

The fact that you’re here means that you have acknowledged that you are ready to translate your unique odyssey into an offering for this planet which is magnificent in every sense of the word. And this world will only flourish with the medicine of your particular odyssey.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How did you start your healing business?”

I LOVE this question. It excites me because it reminds me of the process of how I got here. I love hearing about people’s dreams, I love talking business and most of all I love seeing people succeed and if I can be a part of helping empower you to consciously step into your adventure, that’s blooming fantastic. It also tells me that you are ready to step into your gifts that you want to share with the world and thus, for the rest of the world to succeed too. It’s so inspiring.

Even though I’ve been practising healing since I was 15, I only officially started my healing business in my early thirties. More specifically, I had just experienced a failed business venture whilst living overseas and the only way I could start something for myself was to move back to the UK and into my parent’s house. My office was my double bed or sometimes the floor in my parents’ home. I don’t have a degree or any formal qualification in business, accounting or sales and marketing. I also didn’t have a website or any social media accounts for my business when I first started.

What I did have was a blank canvas, priceless life experience and a desire to create a life that was my choosing.

I looked to my past for what I knew I was capable of. What I’d learnt from countless soulless but now essential teachings in corporate roles and environments. Then I looked forward to what I was willing to learn and expand on. Accepting that I will be challenged with things I’ve never experienced and being open to it has been a huge part of my business success, and still is.

Starting and running a healing business is like creating an agreement between you and the Universe. It is about sharing your innate self with the world, trusting that who you are and that what you’ve learned so far contains healing for others.

When your life is in service to the source, opportunities will present themselves. If they make you feel excited and a little nervous, you are probably on the right track.

Here are some tips that have helped me:

1. Draw from your past work and life experience to use in the now.

What have you realised you’re good at? What do you enjoy doing? Sometimes what we’re good at isn’t something we necessarily enjoy doing, and sometimes it is. If you don’t enjoy doing something, you will begin to resent what you do. However, if it’s a skill that might benefit you and your business long term, hang onto it for now. For example, I was always good at sales, but I despised selling. I am my business and I love what I do. I don’t even call it work. And because I love what I do, I attract the kinds of people that are ready to experience something with me and that’s what makes me unique. You have your own unique vibration that will attract a different kind of person to you. What I offer is different from what you have to offer because we are all different people with different experiences and paths. And that’s awesome because the more people we can touch in our individual healing practice, eventually all souls will unite in one divine energy. Your business is you. There is no right or wrong way. Create it how you want it to be. Visualisation exercises or mood boards will help you to get clear with what you want and how you want to use what you know for your own personal gain.

2. Do you want or need a website?

There are some incredible website building platforms out there. WixSquarespaceGoDaddyWordPress and so on. Most of them are very intuitive to use and you can create your own website without having to pay someone to do it for you. This is the first impression people will get about you, your brand and your offering. Look at it as an extension of you and how you’d like to introduce yourself. I would suggest doing a comparison search on Google Guru to see what works for you and your budget.

It’s nice to create your own website because if you need to jump on and change something at a moment’s notice, the control is there and you can do just that. However, if you need to add something new or change something, it can take a little while to educate yourself on the subject. If you have someone developing your site, you have less stress and more time to create, but then you won’t have the freedom to control your site should you need to.

I started off with a Wix website that I created myself and only recently employed someone to upgrade and transition to a WordPress website so I could run this course through my own website and not a third party. If my course wasn’t online, I would have been happy to stick with my Wix site. I went with what I needed for me, my practice and my budget.

3. Do you want or need to have social media?

Is this important to you? It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing — what do you want to do and how do you want to be seen? I have found having a Facebook and Instagram page very beneficial in my practice, but they are not for everyone. Go with what you prefer and what you can work with. It’s a commitment but can be a very fruitful one. Again, this could be the first impression to a world of potential clients. Be sure to make it a page that reflects you and that you feel you can maintain.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

4. Keep an open mind and have clear boundaries.

To help you get clear on where you want to take your practice, go forward with an open mind. Collaborate with other healers, yoga teachers and businesses. Attend workshops, yoga shows, festivals and events. Be aware of what’s happening around you, set your intentions and goals for your practice…the possibilities are endless and could take you in a direction that you weren’t expecting but that feels right overall. I will suggest that you be careful of people taking advantage of your skills and time though, because some people have an expectation that healers are free due to their commitment of service to the source. Manage peoples’ expectations and respect yourself first. It’s amazing how the dynamic changes when you have clear boundaries and ethics for yourself, your time and your business. You can have both.

5. Giving and receiving.

You’re here because you’re a giving person. You like to know that you are helping people in a way they can’t help themselves. You know that there’s work to be done and you’ve shown up for it. That’s awesome. And I couldn’t agree more. However, healers are very comfortable in the role of giving but less comfortable in the role of receiving. When we are giving we are in the position of power. To receive we need to be open and vulnerable. This can be challenging. But we must have this sacred exchange so we don’t get burnt out. We definitely don’t receive enough and as a therapist, it can be hard to relinquish control. Find the sweet spot of creating a balance of giving and receiving. You will actually begin to realise that your giving sessions are fuller as a result.

Here’s a healer’s life hack for you. Since my early twenties, I have hardly paid for a healing session that I have received. Because I have always offered to do a swap session. It’s a win-win. It has also opened up my world to wonderful healing therapies that I had never tried. This, in turn, gives me a catalogue of therapists and their therapies to introduce my clients to, supporting the karmic flow.

6. Do the work. Don’t stop evolving.

When we sign up to serve the universal sources, we are signing up for a lifetime of learning. The Universe is always prompting us to evolve, and when life happens and takes us to uncomfortable places, these places are where the learning and growth magic happens.

Sometimes as healers we are given an extra dose of life. Trust in the knowledge that we are given what we can handle so we can better support and share the wisdom in the worry to the clients we are attracting.

I have a student that had had quite the time of it with men and abuse. She has grown through her healing process so much that her intention for the world was to work with women who have been through the same thing to empower them through their healing too. Her sessions are always full with a waiting list.

Another student had a heart attack shortly after the end of his 20-year marriage. As awful as the whole transition felt to him at the time, he felt like he’d been woken up. He is now travelling Europe with his bowls, finding love in himself and looking for love with a partner again, which he thought he’d never do. He’s literally mending his broken heart.

7. Where do you want to work from?

You may have or be planning to have a healing space at your home or brand new shop location. You may be planning on hiring a healing/therapy room from a yoga studio, spa or healing centre. It may be a hire that happens per session (works great if you’re healing part-time) or more permanently as annual rent (works great if you’re healing full-time). Find what works for you and your business. Just take into account the financial overheads that you will incur in relation to the money you’re charging per session, including working from your home environment.

As mentioned at the start of this module, if you are conducting one-to-one sessions from the client’s place, be prepared for the travel times, a new space, the energy intention for the session, setting up and clearing away.

8. Equipment.

No matter what your healing instrument of choice is, sound healing is an equipment-based practice. If you wanted to teach people how to play the guitar, you’d need a guitar.

What else do you want to use in your practice? Angel cards, crystals, cacao, your voice (toning)?

9. The important legal stuff.

Every country has its own legal requirements for a business owner. There are lots of things to consider like GDPR, (the way in which you handle people’s personal details), terms and conditions, returns and refunds policies, privacy policy, business licence or business registration, tax etc. Make sure you set yourself up well to avoid any issues in the future.

In every country that I’ve worked in so far, in order to work with the general public, you need public liability insurance. Search for holistic public liability insurance in your country and you will see the insurance providers relevant to your area. Most of the time this will cost approximately £60-£90 per year and should give good cover for you, your practice, the public, your equipment and of course peace of mind should you need it. The insurance company will require a certificate of completion to prove you’re qualified in what you’re telling them you are. You can also add therapies along the way should you decide to expand your healing therapies. Simply email them with the new certification and they will add it on. Sometimes this increases your premium, but you’ll also hopefully be increasing your revenue too, so it’s worth it.

If you have insurance already, once you have your certificate from this course, you can email it to them asking to be covered for Sound Healing Therapy as well.

The IPHM (with whom this course is accredited) offer a discount with their recommended insurance providers when you become a member of the IPHM.

10. Don’t give up before it gets good.

Have you ever started watching a movie and about 20 minutes in it’s pretty hard to get into, it’s slow, one of the actors is annoying you and you think you watched all the good bits in the trailer? So you turn it off, leave and never see the ending, maybe to watch it again two years later and realise it was epic? Well, sometimes running a business can be like that. It can be hard, lonely, scary and weird. But if you are called to go ahead, stick with it and persevere; you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Plant the seed and watch it grow.

11. Money and the energetic exchange.

We all need money to survive. It’s been the way of life since money was invented. Before the physical concept of coins and paper money, people used to exchange sheep for fruit and vegetables and clothes for transportation. So why can it be so hard to ask for money in exchange for a service?

When you go shopping, you know you will be handing over money for the items you want or need. It’s an exchange. When people come to you for a healing session, unless it’s explicitly stated, they will be expecting to exchange money for your time and service. It’s simply an exchange.

It feels weird at first, but we must charge for our time because this is our life’s work. Figure out what works for you. But know that there must be an exchange. Otherwise, there is an imbalance in the Universe that leaves people owing you. And then things get super funky and weird in the energetic realms.

When I first started healing with sound, I was keen to build my client list and of course my experience. I was living overseas at the time and I had a friend that owned a yoga studio. She had an empty healing space that she was happy for me to use. We came to an agreement that I would offer free 30-minute taster sessions exclusively to her clients in exchange for using the room for free. I said I’ll offer free sessions for two weeks and then offer classes for a set fee. From the start, I set the expectations with the clients and the studio that I was offering a deal before my prices went up. If I hadn’t done that, people would have taken advantage of my offer and not respected me because I didn’t respect and value myself. Plus they would have got a shock if I had told them out of the blue about the charge.

The exchange was: I got to use a healing space rent-free and had access to an extensive client list to whom the studio advertised the free sessions. The clients had access to exclusive complimentary healing sessions, and many turned into paying customers which provided a revenue for the studio. Every session was full. 30 minutes was short and left everyone wanting more, and I got many clients out of it. After a while, and lots of different kinds of bodies and experiences later, I started facilitating group sessions. My one-to-one clients came to the group sessions and they brought their friends. My group classes were full and I was meeting more people and growing my client base each time. The studio also grew in their member numbers and revenue. A win for me, a win for the clients and a win for the studio.

If you aren’t intending to exchange money for your service, find other ways to bring the balance in. I still work with friends and family. But there is always an exchange there too. In order to maintain a healthy balance in my relationships with people I care about I say something like, “I’ll give you bowls, and you make me dinner.” Or, “Thanks for letting me come to your yoga class for free, I’ll give you a bowls session as a thank you.” It’s always a deal. They receive healing, I get a meal or class and priceless quality time with my friends/family. The energetic balance is restored.


To finish, remember, we are channels. Just as healing energy comes through you, let your business do the same. Show up with your pure divine inner peace and unconditional love to hold you, to guide you and support you. Be available for the magic, healing, light, and love to move through you and from you.


Invest some time to dig deeper and work on the following:

  1. Write down your business goals – there are no limitations on what you want to achieve!
  2. Set your intention for the healing work you wish to do and who you want to work with.
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. How can you utilise your strengths for building your healing business?
  5. Do you want a website?
  6. Do you want to use social media?
  7. Where do you want to work from?
  8. How do you value yourself as a person?
  9. How do you value yourself as a business? What is your value? What is your time worth?
  10. If you currently offer other healing modalities, how can you incorporate sound into them or them in with the sound? Or do you want to keep them separate?