Sound Healing & “Contraindications”

Sound Healing & “Contraindications”

It is my belief that everyone can benefit from the healing power of sound. I never claim that it is a cure for anything. However, in my experience, it has proven to be a great support in aiding the healing process, with or without western medicine, in a great number of diseased parts of the human body, from cancer to brain trauma, digestive issues to heart health and much, much more.

After asking your clients to complete the client forms, you will have a good idea about what to look out for, but keep in mind that some clients will tell you the full story and some won’t. Remember, energy doesn’t lie! Use your intuition and energy-sensing psychic skills during the session to ask for what’s needed for your client. The bowls will also be speaking to you for any overactive or underactive chakra energies.

There are a few types of people and conditions I get asked about a lot that I’d like to cover in this course. It can take years of practice to be comfortable with all the “ailments” listed below. Please approach with humble respect for each one and always check with me first if you’re not sure about something. I have experience with all of the cases below and believe they can and do all benefit from sound healing with the right intention and approach:

Pregnancy – Always ask your client how far along they are in their pregnancy. Sound works with the water in the body, and as, of course, the baby is surrounded by water, you don’t really want to induce their labour. Ask if Mum has had any previous experience with meditation or sound healing before – understand their level of exposure to alternative healing therapies so you know how much you need to explain and reassure. Some Mothers are worried it will harm the baby. Explain to them that the baby is developing its own auric field in the womb, as well as having mum’s auric field around both mum and baby. Never place the bowls on the mother’s belly or have them too close to the belly on the floor around them either.

Most expectant Mothers will know how to make themselves comfortable when lying down. Have plenty of props to offer them for their comfort and to support the belly. Always encourage them to lie down on their left side as the blood flow functions better this way. They more than likely would have been told this by their midwife/Doctor too.

Post-pregnancy, something to keep in mind is to ask if the mother had a Caesarean section or natural labour. When a client fills out the client forms, C-sections are actually quite a major surgery but they don’t always include this in their forms because it’s considered “giving birth” first, not surgery.

Watch the video below of me working with a pregnant lady called Amy.

Children – Children have a very different attention span to adults and can also take longer to relax. I have worked with children of various ages, always with a parent in attendance for safeguarding purposes. The youngest I have worked with one-to-one was 9 years old, and he didn’t last a full hour, only about 40—45 minutes, even though meditation was a part of his daily practice with his mother. I would suggest working with children from 11 upwards as a good place to start, unless you feel you can work with younger. Children are coming through more evolved these days and are more accepting of these mindful practices than they were a few years ago.

When I have toddlers and up (always with a parent), I give them my mallets and let them experiment with minimal supervision. To them, the bowls are a musical instrument that makes noise when they hit them and they absolutely LOVE playing with them. They will be receiving the pure, free energy they are playing the bowls with, and they also seem to get some pretty cool sounds from the bowls too.

Animals – Animals can be like children. They are honest, and when they’ve had enough they move and leave. With animals, I always show the bowls to them before I play them. The bowls smell like metal, to them it’s stronger than what we can smell, so I let them have a good sniff before continuing with a session working on them or their owner. I always strike the first bowl very gently so as not to alarm them. Animals’ attention spans are approximately 2—10 minutes. When they’ve received enough, their way of communicating this is that they will move.

They have chakras the same as we do. Sometimes these lie in slightly different parts of the body to humans because they’re mostly on four legs. Be careful when placing bowls on the animals as they may be too heavy depending on the size of the bowl and animal.

Heart attacks – The heart is a sensitive area of the body at the best of times. Never place a bowl on a client’s chest if they have ever had a heart attack, it can be very overwhelming. If you know they have had a heart attack, politely ask if they had an operation as a result, as they may have had a bypass, stent or a pacemaker installed. Keep the bowls further away from the chest area when giving a sound therapy session.

Deafness – I have a regular client who is deaf and she told me from the beginning that she has had some amazing experiences with me in my sessions compared to those she has with other meditation practices. She lip reads me at the beginning for the guided relaxation/meditation and then she lies down on the floor with her hands either by her side or above her head so she can feel the vibrations through the floor. When the vibrations of the bowls stop, she knows this is the end and she opens her eyes.

Blindness – When one of or more of the five bodily senses is absent, a person’s remaining senses are naturally heightened. Blind people feel and hear things totally differently to sighted people. They have very deep experiences, including seeing colours and light during the sessions, and a strong sense of energy perception from the bowls and healing.

Epilepsy – If you know a client is epileptic, always ask if they are on medication. When you know there is prescribed medication for any condition, this is a support for your healing practice. It will also give you peace of mind. I would suggest being cautious with epileptics as the sound waves that can be experienced in meditation from the sound of the bowls are similar to light waves and can be something that can trigger a fit. Don’t have the bowls too close to the client’s head and maintain observation in any changes of the body and movement.

Schizophrenia/Bipolar – As with epileptics, politely ask if they are currently taking medication for this. Again, it means there is an awareness of their condition and it provides you with peace of mind knowing there is medicinal support. During trance and meditative states, people can travel to past lives, future lives, inner child etc and this can be confusing to their minds and hard to differentiate between reality and trance when they wake up at the end of the session.

When it’s time to work with any of the above and you’re not sure, I will always support you in your preparation for their session. When the time comes, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

If there are any other conditions you can think of that may fall under “contraindications”, please make a note of them and we can discuss them in our next one-to-one video session.