Sound Massage

One Bowl Healing Session and Sound Massage

We can now start to put what we’ve learnt so far into practice. You will need a willing volunteer to practice on.

Once you get used to placing the bowls on the body and the techniques I outline in the video below, start to get deeper into the practice by tuning into:

  1. the sound of the bowls – they have much to tell you and the sounds change a lot from person to person.
  2. the energy of the client – you have been practising the energy sensing and psychic exercises; this is where we tie it all together to use in our practice of giving sound healing:
    • Where do you feel more drawn to place the bowls? Why?
    • Is there anything more happening in this area of their body that didn’t come up in the client interview?
    • Are you receiving any messages through a psychic gift for your client?
    • If you’re not receiving a message, what is happening to the sound of the bowl? How is it changing?
    • How is your client reacting?

If you’re not intuitively picking up on something during this practice, don’t create something and try to make a spectacle out of the practice. Simply feel the frequencies and vibrations with your client while observing their verbal, physical and emotional feedback.

And always ensure you are giving your sound healing language with pure loving intention for your client. You may want to ask your client to set an intention too, even during the practice.

Overall, enjoy practicing!

Head and Shoulders:

Place a bowl on the client’s head and strike downwards to let the energy flow down the body.


The client can be lying on their front or on their backs; you can do both or whatever is comfortable for their bodies so they can relax entirely. Place a bowl on the lower and middle stomach and also the chest area (on corresponding chakras) of the client lying down and strike the bowl normally. You can also place bowls in the palms of the client’s hands if this is comfortable for them and easy for you to access.

Feet and Legs:

If you have a big enough bowl, place the client’s feet inside the bowl and strike upwards, or if the client is lying on their front, you can place the bowl on the soles of their feet.

If your bowl is too small and doesn’t allow you to place it on the head or to place their feet inside, use the bowl in front of those body parts and give the intention for the energy to flow downwards or upwards, striking towards the body to send the healing energy towards the client.

Sound Massage with Hot Water Healing Session

This is amazing to experience and clients love it. It is also something that helped me a lot with my lower back injury and IBS, on both the back and front of the body.

I like to work from the foundation, the root chakra, up to the crown, but you can work any way you intuitively feel is needed per client.

  • By adding warm water to the inside of the bowl you can use it as a massage tool.
  • The water should not be too hot as metal is a strong conductor for heat – the bowl gets very hot very quickly and you still have to handle it on and off the body.
  • Do not fill the bowl more than 1/4 full. When the bowl of hot water is on the client’s body, you won’t be able to have your fingers inside the bowl to stabilise it. As a result, you won’t be able to strike the bowl as hard as when it’s empty. Have your free hand on the opposing side of the bowl ready to catch it if it moves.
  • When you place it on the client’s body, place a towel on them first to avoid burns or heat rash and splashing.
  • For severe pains, you can try using a slow circular or rubbing motion with the bowl.