Sound Therapy Healing Sequence

Sound Therapy Healing Session

The contents of the following video is written below for you too. It’s a lot to digest at first. Take your time and watch it a few times if you need before you come to practising on your volunteer later on in the module. This sequence will be what you submit for your practical assessment.

This chakra balancing healing sequence is a guide to filling a 1-hour session and a good place to start. If you end up deviating from the sequence and going with your intuition, that’s absolutely fine. For your practical assessment, go with the sequence if you can.

Chakra Balancing Healing

STEP 1: Tingshas x 3 to initiate the start of the session

Use the tingshas at the beginning of the session to shield the channel of light.

You can walk around the body or stay still, whatever feels good for you. I like to start at the client’s head and walk around their energy field, finishing the third strike of the tingsha at their head.

STEP 2: The seven rounds of the seven chakras (approx. 15 minutes)

  • One round is: start with the root bowl and finish at the crown bowl, striking each bowl in order of the chakras:

                    F – C – G – D – A – E – B

  • The first two rounds will be done with the red/rubber mallet and we will give strikes at 100% power.
  • Wait an average of 10—15 seconds between each strike of a bowl at random intervals.
  • Try not to make it rhythmic. Don’t give your client something they can follow. When the strikes are random, the client surrenders control quicker.
  • Move, adjust or replace the bowls when they lie down and again during the first round if needed.
  • At the very first F bowl strike, strike it at about 70% force so as not to startle the client too much. Resume with 100% for C and onwards and continue with the guide below.

1st round          –           red/rubber mallet only at 100%

2nd round         –           red/rubber mallet only at 100%

3rd round          –           start alternating between red/rubber mallet and wooden mallet at 90%

4th round          –           alternating between red/rubber mallet and wooden mallet at 80%

5th round          –           alternating between red/rubber mallet and wooden mallet at 70%

6th round          –           alternating between red/rubber mallet and wooden mallet at 60%

7th round          –           alternating between red/rubber mallet and wooden mallet at 50%

NB: The alternating of the red/rubber mallet and the wooden mallet can be done how you wish, there is no obligation to do one after the other. You can do 2 strikes with the wooden mallet, then 1 strike with the red mallet and one wooden mallet etc. Go with what your intuition is telling you.Thyme With Charlie - Chakra Sequence

STEP 3: The Moon sequence (approx. 10 minutes)

F – C – D                                                   Quarter Moon x 2

B – E – A – G                                             Half Moon x 2

G – A – B – E – D – C – F                        Full Moon x 2Thyme With Charlie - Moon Sequence

STEP 4: Energy Up or Energy Down (approx. 3-5 minutes)

Energy UP –            B – F / F – B

Energy DOWN –    F – B / B – F

If you want the energy to flow up to the crown chakra, start and finish with the crown bowl.

If you want the energy to flow down to the root chakra, start and finish with the root bowl.

STEP 5: Intuitive Sequence (approx. 10-15 minutes)

Let your own creativity and intuition work or, if you have noticed that the client liked some sounds more than others, you can emphasise those. If you feel a chakra needs more balance, you can choose to strike it more or on the contrary, avoid it. This is up to you and your observations during Steps 1 and 2.

STEP 6: Aura cleansing with the rimming bowl

Leave a few minutes of silence before you play the rimming bowl. It might seem like a long time to you, but for the client, it will feel like seconds. The silence gives time to integrate the energies of the healing received.

When you feel ready after giving time for silence, introduce the rimming bowl, slowly increasing the speed to increase the volume. You can walk around the client to seal the aura and healing or you can stand still, sending intentions and giving thanks for the healing energy that was channelled during the session.

STEP 7: Aura cleansing with the tingshas

Strike the tingshas above the third eye and carry down the energy to the root chakra two to three times, or walk around their energy field as in the beginning. It also helps to indicate to the client that it’s the end of the session.

NB: Step 6 and 7, and all the moments of silence in between, will take the session to 45-50 minutes. The guided relaxation at the beginning and the bringing out of trance at the end will make the session 1 hour in length.

Download Chakra Healing Sequence here.