Taking Care of Your Bowls

Taking Care of Your Bowls

One of the best ways you can look after your bowls is by spending time with them, whether they are being played or just in the same room as you. They are an extension of you and your healing energy, and having them around you is like getting to know a good friend. They are sensitive instruments of healing that absorb the energy they are exposed to. Other than that, here are some more care tips for your bowls:

Cleaning your Bowls

  • Wash them in normal water. You can use lemon, white vinegar or turmeric roots/powder.
  • Dry or wipe your bowls properly, do not leave any cleaning residue on them.
  • Avoid all cleaning products, soaps and chemicals.
  • Energetically cleanse your bowls as often as you feel it’s needed.
  • Use lunar energy to cleanse your healing instruments, both the New and Full moon cycles are very potent times of the month.

Transporting your bowls

  • Avoid carrying or storing them on their side.
  • The bowls can break so protect them by wrapping them in cardboard, fabric, bubble wrap etc. to avoid them banging against each other.