The Auric Field

The Auric Field

An Aura is something that surrounds all living things. It is basically an egg-shaped layer of colours and energy that surrounds a person. This layer is also called the psychic energy field and is a “fingerprint” that shows not only your specific personality but what you feel at the exact moment someone reads your aura. As we are in a constant state of change, our aura is also a perpetually changing and swirling energy field with multiple layers. The auric field can be felt from a few inches to three feet away from the living being, sometimes beyond.

The auric field is also an extension of our chakras. It manages the relationship of the self with the world through layers that protect, filter and emit information. The “you outside of you”.

Scientists have been investigating the existence of the aura, the field that surrounds our entire body, for over a hundred years, adding to the knowledge our ancestors already possessed. This field consists of multiple bands of energy called auric layers or auric fields that encompass the body, connecting us to the outside world.

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There are many different biofields that regulate various metal, emotional, spiritual or physical functions. The following list of biofields is based on the work of Barbara Ann Brennan:

Physical Field – Lowest in frequency. Regulates the human body.

Etheric Field – Blueprint for the physical structure that it surrounds. There is also an etheric field for the soul.

Emotional Field – Regulates the emotional state of the organism.

Mental Field – Processes ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

Astral Field – A nexus between the physical and spiritual realms. Free of time and space.

Etheric Template – Exists only on the spiritual plane and holds the highest ideals for existence.

Celestial Field – Accesses the universal energies and serves as a template for the etheric fields.

Casual Field – Directs lower levels of existence.