The Energetic Anatomy

The Energetic Anatomy

All medicine is essentially energy medicine, for energy composes the world. It is important to remember that all known medical phenomena once dwelled in the subtle or immeasurable realms. X-rays, bacteria, even the effects of aspirin were once unobservable. Many of the subtle energies you will encounter have recently been measured and many of those yet to be measured will be one day. In the meantime, we must not let the lack of scientific evidence constrain us from working with subtle systems. The lack of “proof” has not impeded the effectiveness of working with subtle energy practices that have been used for thousands of years.

Everything is made of energy; molecules, ailments, prescription medicines and even emotions. Each cell pulses electrically and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. The human body is a complex energetic system composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems. Disease is caused by energetic imbalances therefore health can be restored or established by balancing one’s energies. All diseases are energetic or related to the flow of energy. The optimum health care approach encompasses energy issues.

What is Subtle Energy?

The approach to subtle energies is not new, its roots are embedded in human history. Our ancestors developed systems to work with these energies. Over time they intuitively continued to develop these systems and the healing methods that were based on them are now used today, for a very important reason, they work.

Our ancestors saw energies in ways that have been dismissed in recent times. They did not use microscopes or other tools in their work, as we currently do. Instead, they engaged their inner senses, instincts and intuition.

Subtle energy is simply energy that cannot be accurately measured using current scientific methods. It is not supernatural, paranormal or scary, it is just energy. Subtle energies operate on a different plane than physical energies.

What is Energetic Anatomy?

Look beneath the surface of the world, your clothes, appliances, philosophies, your skin, and you will discover a universe of swirling subtle energies. While we don’t know exactly what these energies are doing or how they’re doing it, we do know that they are here, forming the energies that underlie physical reality. They form you.

The subtle energy anatomy is more than a legacy from our ancestors, it’s a workable system that is constantly being defined and redefined by practitioners worldwide.

While our physical bodies are restricted to one place, the subtle field penetrates every particle of the body and extends beyond it. Subtle energies operate by different rules than measurable energies. Subtle energies can stretch and sometimes completely ignore time and space, change form at will and occupy many places at once.

The Key Subtle Structures

Energy fields are bands of energy that do not stop at the skin. These subtle energy fields emanate from every living source including human cells, organs, bodies as well as plants and animals. There are also subtle energy fields in the earth and natural physical fields in the earth and skies that affect our subtle fields. The artificially produced energy fields are those emitted from power sources and mobile phones etc, that also affect our subtle fields.

The main human subtle energy fields include:

Auric Field – Surrounds the human body and links with the chakras

Morphogenetic Fields – Connects organisms within a group

Vivaxis – Links the human body with the earth

There are many other various energy fields that link us to different planes and dimensions, such as etheric and astral fields. There are also fields on the body and fields produced by sound, magnetism, electromagnetic radiation, geometry and other means.

In addition to these fields, the ancient masters perceived the subtle energy channels as rivers of light that transport life energy in and around the body. In the ancient Chinese medical system, these energy channels are called Meridians and the pulsing vital energy, Chi. Other cultures have recognised energy channels developing their own glossary and systems.