What does it mean to be Psychic or have Psychic Gifts?

What does it mean to be Psychic or have Psychic Gifts?

Each one of us has psychic abilities to one degree or another, but because they are usually so subtle, we often don’t realise that’s what we’re using. Every day, at least one of our psychic abilities is helping us in some way.

Definition of Psychic:

  • Relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving mind-reading, telepathy or clairvoyance (with second sight or with a sixth sense).
    • Associations: supernatural; paranormal; otherworldly; metaphysical; extrasensory; mystic.
  • Relating to the soul or mind.
    • Associations: spiritual; cognitive; psychological; intellectual.

There are a variety of divine sources that send information to us through our psychic senses, and the sources have a lot to do with the path we’re on too. We could be receiving information from our spirit guides, a guardian angel, deceased loved ones or earthbound spirits. Spirits do not have voices as we do, so the way they communicate with each other and with us is that they project information to give us guidance. Our souls know where the information is coming from, but we don’t become conscious of the true source until we start paying more attention and working to develop our psychic gifts further.

The majority of truly gifted psychics are hard-working, humble, loving people. Most have a sense of humility about their gifts because they know the gifts come from a divine source and they, therefore, take the responsibility that goes along with these gifts seriously. However, there are scam artists in every profession who have no integrity and are in it for the money. Unfortunately, these frauds can easily taint all psychics with a bad reputation.

You don’t have to be a professional psychic in order to develop your psychic abilities. The information that comes to us from the divine sources is primarily meant to help us with whatever life experience we happen to be dealing with at that time. Developing your psychic gifts is a way to improve the way you live your life; it’s not necessarily the start of a career.

We all have psychic abilities, just as we all have abilities in music, mathematics, the arts and so on. Over the years, our psychic gifts are suppressed due to social conditioning from our parents and schools etc. Lots of people chose not to develop their psychic gifts, but that doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there.

When you’re working on developing your psychic abilities, the best outcome will be for you to detach yourself from your opinions. It’s important to clarify what information is from you and what is from your divine source. If you choose to give information that isn’t accurate, you will start to become a spectacle and, in turn, will attract the types of clients that reflect this. It’s better to be honest and give no information instead of taking advantage of clients’ vulnerabilities.

Once you go through the types of psychic gifts and understand for yourself if you’ve ever experienced any of them, we will look at a couple of ways you can begin to work on developing these gifts. Even if you are well practised with your gifts, it’s always good to keep up with the practice. I still use these exercises in my practice now after well over 20 years.