Essential Foundations of Sound & Energy Healing: The TWC® Method


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Would you build a house on a weak foundation only for it to sink or blow away in the wind and need to rebuild it?

I’m guessing your answer is, no.

That’s why I’ve created the Essential Foundations of Sound & Energy Healing: The Thyme With Charlie® Method workshop (taken directly from the Thyme With Charlie® Principles and Extended Principles of Sound & Energy Healing certified courses), so you can build a strong and essential foundation to your practice both personally and professionally before deciding to invest in a full qualification.

“I help empower people like you to cultivate a deeper connection to yourself and your truth, to align with your purpose and inner peace so that you can live a life infused with profound meaning, connection and fulfilment without doubting your capacity for change.

Learn the Thyme With Charlie® Method art of energy healing with sound to gain deeper connection with self, align with your purpose and live a life infused with profound meaning.”

~ Charlie Christie, founder and creator of the Thyme With Charlie® Method.

Led by experienced mentors and guides, this workshop offers comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in sound, energy and somatic-intuitive healing techniques.

Available in person and online, this workshop provides flexibility and personalised guidance, with a strong focus on empowering you to foster your personal growth, self-awareness and overall super human well-being. Whether for personal enrichment or professional development, this workshop is the first step towards mastering these powerful healing modalities and integrating them into your life or practice.


  • You’re looking for a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of sound and energy healing.
  • You want to learn practical techniques that you can immediately apply in your personal or professional practices.
  • You’re seeking immediate stress relief and relaxation through the guided meditations and other exercises included in this workshop.
  • You want to leave with a deeper understanding of yourself with tools for ongoing self-care and personal development.
  • You’re curious about sound and energy healing so you can explore these modalities without a long-term commitment, allowing yourself to gauge your interest before pursuing more extensive training.
  • You want to get to know and build trust with your mentors and guides before committing to their trainings.
  • You want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals with opportunities for networking, community building and sharing experiences.
  • You want to experience immediate benefits from the practices learned, such as increased relaxation, emotional release and a sense of inner peace, which can be highly motivating and rewarding.


Guided by experienced sound and energy intuitive mentors and guides, you will;

  • Learn self-healing techniques.
  • Be guided in and out of the day with meditations.
  • Be guided to connecting to your source energy.
    • Gain a deep understanding of the historical and cultural significance of sound.
    • Learn the Buddhist history and heart of singing bowls and the use of other frequencies and instruments.
    • Develop practical skills through hands-on exercises, learning techniques to make singing bowls “sing”.
    • Explore your benefits of this powerful therapy.
    • Be able to intuitively diagnose the sound and read the energy for healing purposes.
    • Explore the historical context of healing.
    • Understand the power of intention teamed with this therapy and why we work intuitively
    • Learn the TWC® approach to the 10-chakra system and your auric field.
    • Experience practical exercises to help you to develop skills in focused intention, energy perception, and intuitive practices.
    • Gaining insights into why TWC® uses hypnotherapy with sound healing.
    • Learn about the practical application of sound therapy, sound massage and group sound baths through live demonstrations.
    • Gain practical experience in working with groups, guided meditation using hypnotherapy techniques and crafting affirmations.
    • Explore the magical possibilities for online sessions
    • Expand your intention to sound healing as a professional practice.
    • Discover the TWC® lineage of learning.
    • Have a life-long healing skill.


  • Guided meditations to connect to your source energy.
  • Group sound healing meditation to close the day.
  • How you can integrate sound and energy healing in with your current offering and existing practice.
  • Q&A Session with the instructor (in-person only)
  • An exclusive invite to join the Thyme With Charlie® Method: Principles, Extended Principles and Further Principles of Sound & Energy Healing certifications.
  • A 10% discount on singing bowls from the Thyme With Charlie® website.

No prior qualification or experience is required.

Course Duration:

7 hours


N.B. This workshop is not a certification and serves as the Thyme With Charlie®  Essential Foundations for further study, offering a solid grounding in the basics of sound and energy healing that can be built upon with more advanced courses form the Thyme With Charlie® Sound & Energy Healing Academy.

© Copyright 2023 T H Y M E W I T H C H A R L I E ®

T H Y M E W I T H C H A R L I E ® is a registered Trademark of Charlie Christie. Any illegal reproduction of the course content is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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