Small Rubber Mallet


The melodic sounds of the bowls cannot be generated without something to strike them with, a mallet. The type of mallet you use on a bowl determines its sound.

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All mallets are individually handmade. As a result, the sizes and handle shapes you receive may vary to the pictures and measurements given by approximately 1-2cms.

There is no right or wrong however, as Charlie suggests, to get the true sound of the bowl use small mallets for small bowls and big mallets for big bowls.

Strike the side of the bowl allowing the mallet to rebound with control.

Rubber Mallets can be used on all types of bowls.


  • Whole mallet length approx 24cm
  • Handle length of approx 20cm
  • Head of the mallet length approx 4cm
  • Head of the mallet diameter approx 6cm
  • Weight approx 0.08kgs

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