Original 10-Bowl Chakra Set


“One Singing Bowl is a treasure. A set of Bowls that sing together is a miracle”

~ Shamanic Sound Expert and Singing Bowl Artisan, Kathmandu, Nepal.

7 pieces of the original Handmade 7 metals Tibetan Singing bowls for the 7 chakras. Energetically tuned with divine guidance and love channelled through Charlie. Each Chakra Set comes infused with celestial harmonies and energy/Reiki healing as standard. All that’s needed from you is to receive them with the same love they’ve been put together with, cleanse and then enjoy all they have to tell you.

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Conveniently sized to stack inside each other making it easy to transport and to store when not in use.

Tibetan Singing Bowls come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. These traditional handmade bowls are created from a sanctified alloy consisting of 7 metals. Each singing bowl resonates long sustaining overtones, undertones and reverberates delicate yet intense harmonic tones and sound vibrations. Anyone can make a sound with a singing bowl with ease thanks to its simplicity and pleasing ambience that it naturally creates.

Its sound is produced either by striking the outer surface of the bowl with a rubber or wooden mallet; or by rubbing the bowl rim with a wooden mallet coated in suede.

A 10-bowl chakra set is a transformative set that focuses on connecting the energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky with the aid of three soul-level chakras:

8th Chakra – Soul Star

9th Chakra – Stellar Gateway

0 or 10th Chakra – Earth Star

With the aid of the soul-level chakra bowls, this set will promote the development of elevated consciousness and a path of spiritual ascension. Through this harmonious fusion, we embark on a transformative path, unlocking limitless possibilities and advancing towards enlightenment.


  • Earth Star to Stellar Gateway diameter of each bowl ranges from 12″-4″ respectively
  • Weight when seven bowls are stacked together approx 10-12kgs
  • Depth varies depending on the size of the bowl
  • See pictures for reference

All mallets and accessories are sold separately.

Weight 10 kg

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