It’s my Anniversary!

It’s my Anniversary!

February is the anniversary month of Thyme With Charlie.
It’s the whole month because February was the month I birthed my logo, business name, social media and website – all at different times.
Never in a million years could I have predicted I’d be where I am today from running my own internationally certified sound healing academy and shop, to being featured in Forbes magazine. I started from utter scratch and now I’m here.
And I’m super proud of me.

For the last three years, I’ve been working closely with my students helping them to set up their practice off and online. Sometimes I wonder why people ask my opinion on things like setting up a business (my friends ask me too) because I certainly do not consider myself an expert.

Something that has been invaluable to me whilst I’ve been helping them more recently, is the integration of my journey and with that, perspective and lots of gratitude for where I am now. I’ve been reminded just how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved in that time too.

And I can’t believe it’s been three years.

Even though I’ve been practising healing since I was 15, I only officially started my healing business in my early thirties. More specifically, I had just experienced a failed business venture whilst living overseas and the only way I could start something for myself was to move back to the UK and into my parent’s house. My ‘office’ was my bed or sometimes on the floor in my parents’ home. I don’t have a degree or any formal qualification in business, accounting or sales and marketing. At the time, I also didn’t have a website or any social media accounts for my business when I first started.

What I did have was a blank canvas, priceless life experience and a strong desire to, 1. never work for anyone else ever again; 2. to create a life that was my choosing and; 3. something I could do anywhere in the world so I could satisfy my wanderlust.

I looked to my past for what I knew I was capable of. What I’d learnt from countless soulless but now essential teachings in corporate roles and environments. Then I looked forward to what I was willing to learn and expand on. Accepting that I will be challenged with things I’ve never experienced and being open to it has been a huge part of my business success, and still is.

One of the most common questions I get asked by my students is “How did you start?”

I LOVE this question. It excites me because it reminds me of the process of how I got here. I relive it with them living their journey and I appreciate anyone who wants to work hard for something they love. I love hearing about people’s dreams, I love helping people help people, I love talking business and most of all I love seeing people succeed and if I can be a part of helping empower them to consciously step into their adventure, that’s blooming fantastic. It also tells me that they are ready to step into their gifts that they want to share with the world and thus, for the rest of the world to succeed too. It’s so inspiring.

Here are some tips to reflect on that have helped me in the past:

1. Draw from your past work and life experience to use in the now.

What have you realised you’re good at? What do you enjoy doing? Sometimes what we’re good at isn’t something we necessarily enjoy doing, and sometimes it is. If you don’t enjoy doing something, you will begin to resent what you do. However, if it’s a skill that might benefit you and your business long term, hang onto it for now. For example, I was always good at sales, but I despised selling. I am my business and I love what I do. I don’t even call it work. And because I love what I do, I attract the kinds of people that are ready to experience something with me and that’s what makes me unique. You have your own unique vibration that will attract a different kind of person to you. What I offer is different from what you have to offer because we are all different people with different experiences and paths. And that’s awesome because the more people we can touch in our individual healing practice, eventually all souls will unite in one divine energy. Your business is you. There is no right or wrong way. Create it how you want it to be. Visualisation exercises or mood boards will help you to get clear with what you want and how you want to use what you know for your own personal gain.

2. Do you want or need to have a website or social media?

What an epic time of reflection you’ll have over this question – phew! Start from a place of inner conversation with self. It honestly and truly doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing — is this important to you? What do you want to do and how do you want to be seen? Websites and social media are not for everyone. Go with what you prefer and what you can work with. It’s a commitment and can be very tiring but it can also be very fruitful. They could be the first impression of you to a world of potential clients. If you go for it, be sure to make it a presence that reflects you and that you feel you can maintain. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

3. Don’t give up before it gets good.

Sometimes running a business can be hard, lonely, scary and weird. But if you are called to go ahead, stick with it and persevere; it can be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams. And when your life is in service to the source, opportunities will present themselves. If they make you feel excited and a little nervous, you are probably on the right track. Plant the seed and watch it grow.

To finish, remember, we are all channels. Just as healing energy comes through you, let your business do the same. Show up with your pure divine inner peace and unconditional love to hold you, to guide you and support you. Be available for the magic, healing, light, and love to move through you and from you.

With love, Charlie x

P.S. The picture is the first ever “photoshoot” with my bowls that a friend of mine took a few years before starting Thyme With Charlie, whilst I was living overseas – where it all began. Who remembers this picture when I first started?

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